bon plan jeu, Le bon plan jeu du jour : Bunny Maze 3D

Le bon plan jeu du jour : Bunny Maze 3D

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Le très bon jeu Bunny Maze 3D est disponible gratuitement ! Le but sera de gober le plus vite possible toutes les carottes sur votre chemin dans un labyrinthe en 3D. Un genre de Pacman aux dents longues…

bon plan jeu, Le bon plan jeu du jour : Bunny Maze 3D

La description officielle :

Do you like running games? You will love Bunny Maze 3D!

Evil bunnies have stolen your carrots and are hiding them in their peculiar cartoon-world. Chase them down and save your carrots, before time runs out!

In your quest to get your carrots back, you will travel to magical places, meet adorable characters, overcome peculiar obstacles and discover artifacts that will make you Faster, Stronger, Bunnier!

So, grab as many carrots as you can, outsmart your enemies and explore beautiful mazes in a fast-paced action arcade game with adorable cartoon-style 3D graphics!

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Spread the word! Bunny Maze 3D now supports the iPhone, iPod Touch and Kindle Fire! It is also Xperia PLAY optimized!
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