Forever Drive, Le bon plan jeu du jour : Forever Drive

Le bon plan jeu du jour : Forever Drive

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L’excellent jeu Forever Drive est disponible gratuitement ! Foncez sur les circuits créés par les autres utilisateurs, et créez les vôtres. Le gameplay paraît un peu étrange au début mais on se met vite à apprécier.

Forever Drive, Le bon plan jeu du jour : Forever Drive


La description officielle :

Forever Drive: A race against time through the streets of the future!

Forever Drive is a fast-paced racing game set in a futuristic 3D city made by YOU, the players. Using the In-game Track Editor, tracks made by different players are joined together into a never-ending neon racetrack. Race on tracks to gain experience, level up and earn coins to:
– Unlock premium cars with awesome designs and enhanced performance
– Customize cars from a large selection of paint designs and license plates
– Gain access to buildings, skyscrapers, and signage to decorate your tracks


– In-Game Track Editor: extremely easy-to-use editor to make beautiful, winding city tracks with just a few touches!
– Weekly challenge mode: race against the world and competitors’ ghost cars on specially created tracks
– Regional Leaderboards: see how you stack up against other players around you and compete against them
– 4 different control types: arcade, tilt, digital pro, analog pro
– Unlock new cars, paintwork, buildings and license plates!
– Race against the clock to accumulate XP for LEVELING UP, and access to brand new content.
– Custom 3D engine rendering