Le bon plan jeu du jour : One Single Life

bon plan jeu Le bon plan jeu du jour : One Single Life Bons plans
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Le très bon jeu One Single Life est disponible gratuitement ! Préparez-vous sauter d’immeuble en immeuble. Cela a l’air facile dit comme ça ?! Finalement non, puisque vous n’avez qu’une seule vie… Un conseil : prenez-en soin !

bon plan jeu Le bon plan jeu du jour : One Single Life Bons plans

La description officielle :

Save the Harp Seals!

*** v1.6.2 major update! ***

– 2 New characters!
: ‘Rocket Diver’ and ‘Mermaid Diver’
– Not anymore don’t worry about bugs. Yay!:)

*** Easy way to catch up your friends? ***
• More Life : Give you ‘one more life’
• Big Seal: Harp seals are changed into XXL size!(be good to eat shellfish)
• Whale Jump: From the start, you can ride on a whale!(until ocean1 end)
• Revive: Revival!
• Double Score: Score results will be doubled.
Additionally, there’re various upgrade items.(You can upgrade gather star in the game.)

– A Fantastic Journey of Fluffy Diver(Harp Seals)! Please, find out a Paradise for Harp Seals!
Harp Seals who have fluffy fur are not good for swimming yet.
Help the Harp Seals to be great divers.

– ‘Fluffy Diver’s control is very simple. That can be easily adjusted to the tap.
• Tap to sink down in the water (No tap help the jump high)
• Tap to dive out of water
*** Game Tip! ***
1. Fluffy Diver have to eat the shellfish so not hungry.
When Fluffy Diver is hungry, can’t go back home.(Game Over!)

2. If you find star, you can have another fluffy diver friends and items.

3. When you go to avoid the rocks, then you will get higher scores.

4. When you see the ‘seagull’, please high jump! He can help you to move far away.

5. When you see the ‘whale’, please jump to the (whale)spout. He will help you to jump high.